Thursday, 13 December 2012

Houses and instant residence in ecuador manabi province part 2

If you are interested in buying property in and around Manabi you can read my buyers guide post, that shows you how you can purchase a beach house for as little as 40k, which i turn shall give you residence to Ecuador  Following on from the 103 m2 house this is the 2 bedroom 1 floor house priced at 37kin dollars about 22k in brittish pounds.
This house is allot smaller to the previous house it is ideal for single or couples just starting out, but families are also included in this property, like i said the houses shown will provide you with instant residence as you are meeting the minimum requirement! these are model houses driveways etc are all to be completed, but you get the idea!

 Dining room living and kitchen
Kitchen with granite work tops door leading to patio

 View from kitchen to front door
 Bedroom 1
 Bedroom 2
 Washing area place for washing machine and patio

for more info contact Jessica at

Ecuador Houses and instant residence for manabi province

Ecuador Houses and instant residence for manabi province
As mentioned previously i recommend buying a house in a gated community unless you are prepared to buy land and get a house built to your requirements  if you are considering moving to Ecuador and are after residence these houses can give you instant residence for a single person or family etc ie 25 grand is the minum requirement from the Ecuadorian government,investing into the country plenty of opportunity here to do this!
For example I have came across this project in Portoviejo in Manabi called San Gregorio located a few minutes away from the San Gregorio university direct commuting route  to manta and of course Portoviejo itself. It is an up and coming project, will be sporting a swimming pool for residents park for children and also sports facilities ,This project seems to be quite a  popular company originally based in Guayaquil and have completed many projects over the years, first one in manabi i think!
The staff are great some speak English which helps and if you want the houses to be custom made extensions extra rooms etc this can be all worked out there by directly speaking with the architect  ,for more information in spanish or english contact JessicaGarcia  at   and she will answer any questions that you may have.

This is the entrance to the houses where the guard will be there 24 hours a day allowing and denying access!

There are 4 models being built here, but i have information on the biggest house 2 floors at 103m2 priced at 59,900 dollars about 36k in brittish pounds and the smaller 1 floor house at 42 m2 priced at 37,000 dollars
The house to the right is the 3 bedroomed 103 m2 house comprising of  2 bathrooms with wc 1 being ensuite and also wc on the ground floor,
dining living room on the ground floor with kitchen around the corner, out the back and area for washing/ patio pictures below!

Entrance to the house with porch
driveway to be built

 Walking into the house groundfloor downstairs wc
Front living room
Kitchen with granite worktops door leading to patio

 Patio hand washing in corner  area for washing machine and patio
 Upstairs window looking out to the front
 Upstairs bathroom will comprise of shower, sink and wc
Bedroom 1

 Bedroom 2
 Ensuite comprising of shower, sink wc
Main shower room

  Next we will see the 1 floor 2 bedroom house any questions see above contact!