Friday, 24 October 2014

Ecuador business directory Ecuagenda

ecuagenda directorio negocios ecuador
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Ecuador business directory

Ecuagenda ,is a new up and coming business directory designed to service the whole of ecuador,

 They are targeting all business types, which i feel is great for the communities,
Imagine going to Manabi for the first time and have no idea what to do and where to go, from what Ecuagenda say, they will provide the user with an in depth search of the chosen area and match their desired niche. so finding a hotel on the beach will be a doddle, you can find out the price contact info and to make up your mind a gallery and video of the place.
For me i have been in Ecuador now for nearly 5 years, and today i am still learning where certain places are, sometimes the language barrier is an issue to finding specialist items, but small businesses that have never been heard of will now have an opportunity to develop and expand in time, which will be nice to see.
i quite fancy travelling to the orient or even down to Cuenca in time, so this site will benefit me in a big way. you could compare this with the yellow pages, but Ecuagenda approaches businesses and shows them how to change their mindset, although we still have the likes of the diario(newspaper) the internet is the way forward.everyone surfs the net here, smart phones are so popular now,  they will be live at the end of this month, for more information you can view their facebook page here, so if you are living here and have a business i would definitely give the thumbs up to this