Sunday, 4 October 2015

Buying land in manabi Ecuador opportunity in Crucita

Hi guys hope all is well, as you know i like to give you the best honest truth about Ecuador,what is good, what is not and what to stay away from, Living here in Manabi for over 5 years has taught me a lot,how people operate and who to contact if you need help in a certain field. Property is what drives a person who is thinking of living here, do you buy a house,appartment or land to develop at an affordable price? the answer to this is yes, whatever you are considering be sure to shop around, Newly developed gated communities are great as are appartments,which come in at various prices 35k past the 200k mark, but sometimes we want our own little paradise,a little get away or full time residence, to do this you need to search for a suitable area and decide what you want as a home.

 Living on the coast has many benefits, sun,sea,sand that chilled out lifestyle you need in your life. Most of the beaches here are still in developing mode, but are coming along nicely,and attract many tourists year in year out, Crucita and San Clemente are my 2 favorite hot spots, nice friendly people and not too far from the cities of Manta and Portoviejo. Buying land on the beach can become expensive, but only if you use the wrong people, stay clear of real estate brokers, without being offensive or rude, lets just say i was close to being conned by an actual gringo, yes you heard that right greedy will do anything to suck you in attitude,and you end up paying an extortionate price. Stick to a local, they know best after all it is their country,you can find many advertisements in the newspapers and internet promoting terrano,but the gold is finding a person who doesn't use these kinds of advertising,Someone who has owned and still lives on the land for many years and has decided to finally share a piece of his paradise.

 Well i have found that man,i went to view some land for my brother in law the other day, and came across a gem selling land from as little as $30 per m2 up to $70 bear in mind this can only increase in value over the years. The views are amazing looking left to la loma,right heading down to la boca and san clemente to looking straight at the beach infront,
crucita beach land for sale

crucita beach land for sale

crucita beach land for sale  manabi

 The land is fully safe and secure and the entrance is operated with an electric gate for added security,rest assured this area is nice and peaceful and out the way of any tourists. There are many ideas you could consider housing wise, wooden, mixed or cement

housing design for crucita beach manabi

house design ideas living in crucita manabi

 below are a few pictures showing you the lay out, if you are now in Ecuador or considering a move here,and think this is right up your street email me at

land for sale in Crucita manabi plan layout