Friday, 12 February 2016

Housing complex in portoviejo

Housing complex in Portoviejo
I am quite excited to be the first person to share this new housing complex in portoviejo with you,
If you have been to Portoviejo or have researched it online, then you will know that there is a hospital called the Solca, a big white building located out the city between via crucita and leading to to the paseo lateral road, that specialises in cancer and other conditions, the company that built this magnificent building, have returned to Portoviejo to create a new housing complex, Fop Furoiani Obras Y proyectos is the name and are highly recommended for some of their previous work, designing one off mansions to peoples preference and with their head office being in Guayaquil they have built many projects some providing each house with a jacuzzi and swimming pool out the back. here is their video  of what they are aiming for along with a few images

housing complex in portoviejo

housing complex in portoviejo entrance

1 floor housing complex in portoviejo

2 floor housing complex in portoviejo

layout of housing complex in portoviejo  rows of houses with communal areas
The Portoviejo project is no different they are integrating their style by building 3 types of housing to compete with local housing projects currently going at present.This is not for anyone, mainly for professional based people, that is what they are aiming for, bringing a bit of luxury to the area and continuing to provide Ecuador with quality workmanship.

Following on from a post about why living in Portoviejo is a great place to live rather than the beach, i can further back this up, by illustrating the problems locals are now and have been facing lately in areas such as Crucita San Alejo pretty much all of the coast, where expats are eager to reside, unfortunately most of the roads have recently been wiped out due to adverse weather conditions,on the beach fronts some say was El niƱo? But it has left some peoples houses in tatters, and the big clean up is now beginning, truck loads of rocks on their way, to try to repair the main beach front roads.

Portoviejo is a short journey to the beach whatever direction you go.for me it´s a case of what´s good for the goose is good for the gander.

By purchasing a property in this new housing complex in portoviejo it will also guarantee you the resident visa, which so many look for these days if not going for the retirement stage yet. simply invest and once all is complete the local attorney will have everything sorted for you,

I am not a real estate person nor do i pick up any commission, but if you would like more information you can contact Jessica Garcia who also speaks English whatsapp 0998255343 or call direct 0980875629 7 days a week
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