Sunday, 13 March 2016

Why some expats could be destroying Ecuador

Why some expats could be destroying Ecuador
This is an interesting topic that has recently been brought to my attention is it really true? is it possible that some expats could be destroying Ecuador? at first i thought  it could be the over crowding in certain hotspots? because i do realise that more and more expats seem to reside in the same area and the community is growing largely, so i have listened to some views from a mixed group of Ecuadorians and here are some key points, which i totally agree with after speaking about,
Ok first off  ¨Change¨ yes Expats are trying to change areas to suit their needs,and not fitting into the society, is it intentional? no i don´t think so, maybe bars,cafes, restaurants that sort of thing in my eyes is normal,people who are not retired need to make a living,which also gives people a choice on what food they eat, but if it is affecting an Ecuadorians business because of cheaper prices, then yes they may have a point here, which brings me onto the main issue that has been highlighted here

Real Estate 
This really is ugly at the moment, and i hadn´t realised until it was pointed out to me, but Expats that are looking to make money big time over here, are the ones who buy up land in cash, build department complexes etc and charge a ridiculous price for them both for sale and for rent,which no Ecuadorian can afford,

Now a doctors salary isn´t bad depending on the level, but i briefly commented on a 3 bedroomed property 1 floor that is going for $70,000, nice area etc, he said it was do able, but he felt it was quite expensive,and he could get better for the same or for less, so he nearly had a heart attack when i showed him a new listing that i found on the internet, a 2 bedroom apartment  on the beach, which isn´t really developed yet it has a long way to go yet as it still doesn´t have basic amenities, but this was going for $205,0000, so quite a few swear words there, who the hell puts a tag on a property like that? simply a foreigner no intention of selling to the locals, but simply to sell to some other foreign MUG! yes a MUG, because only a complete idiot would go there and say that is reasonable.
So yes i am starting to understand how some people are thinking now, too many properties being built at extortionate prices, which in turn may eventually drive some locals out , what is good for the goose is good for the gander, if a foreigner can command that price and high rent why can´t an Ecuadorian, simple because knowone has the money to do that,

Coming into this country throwing your weight around because you have money is so wrong, by all means set yourself up nice house, if you need to earn a small income, there are many ways, but day light robbery to hit the big time is pretty bad, maybe you should of done this in your own country before you came here?
This is the main conversation i have with people here now Why some expats could be destroying Ecuador,
I myself, live like an Ecuadorian i respect the culture, i do not try to change things here,although i am married to an Ecuadorian, i am still really here as a guest in a foreighn country nothing more than that and never will be really, it is me that has to adjust, which isn´t easy, we all have our daily struggles and don´t agree with certain things over here,
Is this posting something to worry about if you are an Ecuadorian? yes if foreigners continue to buy into these houses, but honestly the way the country is now, i think it will be very hard for these expats to sell, maybe a school boy error that they may see in time, But if you are thinking of becoming and expat here think out of the box don´t follow the sheep, i hope this post Why some expats could be destroying Ecuador interests you, some input to this would be great, as there are always 2 sides to a story maybe this is good for the country in other ways? Leave a comment below and let´s voice some opinions


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