Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ecuador Expats living in Manabi the truth!

After being asked various questions i have finally created an ebook to help you with everything, many of you have similar queries which is understandable, the book is called Ecuador Expats living in Manabi the truth!
Book about life in Ecuador living in the Manabi province as an expat

Many people assume i am retired and just living out my years here, but this really isn't the case, if you go back through all of my posts you will see that all of this began from just a simple holiday on my own, which escalated into living here full time.

As previously stated Manabi or Ecuador even is not for everyone, people simply can not adjust to the culture or do without their usual comforting luxuries,and i don`t hold that against them, it is a lot to ask for at times, many people i have came across have lasted only a matter of weeks even days before having a change of heart , not what they expected, and rightly so, you see you find a lot of people who write about Ecuador but never tell you the bad side to things, they only tell you the good, and as a result they try to sell you this amazing life, but forget to show you the small print.

In my opinion the people that do this are retired Expats they have plenty of money and not a care in the world, but when things go wrong they can be like vultures preying on a new Expat to arrive, butter them up and before you know it you are doing business with them, renting a property from them or even being persuaded to buy this cheap property that isn't so cheap after all.

There are probably many of my readers present Expats,who will be cursing me saying i am talking out of my behind, but i have briefly chatted with a few people who felt cheated when they came here, but more so they felt disappointed because they thought they could trust their own, which is shocking behaviour who do you trust?

I am not saying every Expat does this, but there seems to be quite a trend going on, even i have been approached on a few occasions, maybe i have signed up to an Ecuador group, people seem nice then all of a sudden they are pushing me to invest, when they realise i have been living here longer than them they ease off, Another example a foreigner tried to fool me into buying a property for 30k more than the asking price, it`s not nice and really angers you so i tread very carefully when meeting Expats,

By reading Ecuador Expats living in Manabi the truth! you can see for yourself all of the mistakes i made, some that would just make you throw in the towel and walk away, but before making any commitment visiting here, the idea is to educate yourself through the resources i have provided and also understand  what to expect the moment you get off the plane,and what to expect to pay for life here,but most important to come with an open mind this is key to a successful trip.

Transportation services
The process of checking if cars are up to date with papers before you buy
Architect for advice
Personal translator
And many more are included to help get you started in your quest to becoming a future Expat

If you take a look at the book and have any further questions or simply fancy a chat all my details are listed there
I shall look forward to hearing from you
regards Si


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