Friday, 19 August 2016

Ecuador Earthquake the day Manabi fell

Ecuador Earthquake the day Manabi fell

Hi guys I wasn´t going to write this story/report but its out now, although it was a living nightmare, not just for me and my family, but the whole of Manabi, we are glad to be alive that´s the main thing, the government are doing a great job Raphael Correa really has impressed, hopefully within 5 years Manabi will be in a position to attract tourism again, this was totally unexpected something the people of Manabi will never forget
I would like to thank all who donated it really did help,
Since we have moved up to Quito there will be less posts on Manabi apart from the ongoing progress, which i shall keep you up to date with, we are still having earthquakes of a lower magnitute even here in Quito, ca´t say when this will stop, but if you are planning on coming here do some homework, or i can give you my honest opinion in the comments below
Ecuador earthquake view of Portoviejo after the devastation
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