Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Is it expensive living in Quito?

Is it expensive living in Quito?
This is a constant question being asked, that i  see on so many forums, and as you can imagine so many mixed answers,so my little take on this is a short answer of  No it is not expensive if you follow the correct path,
The path i am talking about is the normal one the Ecuadorian way, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you want to live a high-end luxury lifestyle here then expect to pay for it especially in the North if you want to spend over 2k per month on rent you can find places that charge that number or close to it,  this is all to do with personal preference,
If you mention the area Cayambe the first thing that comes out of an Ecuadorian mouth is Gringos and ones that have money automatically labeled just for living there,
But my favorite is a Gringo stating that if you live in the Sur then that means you are poor wrong!
many professionals Doctors Lawyers opt for  this life as they can buy or rent Property at affordable prices and simply travel to work like most,
For example you can rent a 3 bedroomed apartment for $180 per month and your bills including water power internet gas are a lot cheaper than living on the coast.  power and water here i have found is $25 a month all appliances on washing tv stereo that sort of thing generally that is the going rate Renting a furnished property  maybe $300 a month, but if you are planning on buying in the area you can pick up furniture at decent prices.

Shopping malls yes this is where you can say it is expensive, if you want to buy your favorite original designer brands as you would back home expect to pay a lot more sometimes triple the price, it might sound crazy but importing these good in pays the price hence why it is expensive, but having said that this is Ecuador and not everyone would go and spend $150 on a top, which is why there are endless amounts of stores back street shops that sell everything for next to nothing copies fakes,but they are very good fakes could you really tell the difference with some? if you don´t like what you see there are many highly skilled tailors ho can make whatever you want still at a very low price, sizes here are a problem for the taller or larger person sometimes custom made is the best way.

Coffee shops restaurants in a mall, this is where the prices are bumped up, you can find all of this outside street food or local watering holes ou can literally walk past a cafe or restaurant every 30 seconds so you will be spoilt for choice.

I am not saying stay out of shopping malls, because i like to spend time there with my family it isn´t all expensive, but when food is a high demand fresh produce etc i suggest go to the market,  the Mercado is seriously a big place they  sell everything all  your meats fruits and vegetables you can get a lot for your money there and also haggle to get an even better deal, just looking at the layout is an experience in itself so much to choose from highly suggest you shop there.

Looking away from the mall and focusing on some recreation time with the family or friends we have two huge parks minutes away, football pitches,tennis courts kids play areas,go karting paintball,inflatable castles,bike track or just places to sit chill out eat and drink from the stalls,value of this priceless, you will find Quito really is a great place for family activities especially on a Sunday nice day out and costs nothing really.

Schools there are many to choose from my boy is at a private school, which has a transportation service to and from the house price wise it is on par with his old school in Portoviejo, but i feel he has a great set up here teachers are great, the school itself is secure and very well organised  also boasting a  good standard of English so if the teacher doesn´t understand what he is saying in Spanish he simply tells the English teacher, It´s a relief knowing he is settled already from the teachers reports he is enjoying  it and working hard even though he tells me he does nothing, so if you are coming over with kids, don´t worry you will find a school no problem

Not everyone´s preference  but i feel the car is not needed here unlike living in Manabi, because everything i need is right here the local Quicentro Sur is only a few minutes away, transport accessibility is brilliant the Trole bus going from South to North,right on the doorstep  the main terminal Quitumbe gateway to Ecuador isn't far either, you see i really don´t need the car up here, if anything it would just be sitting there or i would waste a lot of time and petrol for a simple commute that i can make for 25 cents because that is all the buses cost,only time i ould really need a car is if family come over day excursions  to and from the airport other than that  public transport is a thumbs up for me.

I can´t lie some days i do miss my Manabi life, but there is so much opportunity up here, the people are great always saying hello to me where ever i go  and because i am the only Englishman or should i say foreigner living in this area i am recognised on a daily basis all smiles and some commenting on the football, didn´t take long for them to know my team is Newcastle, its as though people search into  my team just to have a quick convo or maybe my team really does make the rounds over here?

So enough of the babbling the initial post was is it expensive to live in Quito?
Answer no for more information or some general advice just leave a comment below or you can message my email  and i shall get back to you as soon as possible


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