Monday, 27 February 2017

Carnaval 2017 in and around Quito

Hi all  I am hopeless at consistency when it comes to these blog posts just choca with work at the minute, anyhow Carnaval every year without fail my Carnaval has been spent on the beach soaking up the sun getting burnt and looking like a lobster while supping on a few beers,but living in Quito we decided to give it a miss and start exploring a few places, one reason being i have been asked many a time about certain areas and I could never give an honest opinion until now, so here are the 3 places in question
I hear of many expats living here or try to sell the thought of living here, but remember i am not retired so maybe i just see a different picture to all of this, it is quite a big place spread out lovely houses, which is maybe a good enough reason to move there? but the main attraction is the hand crafts Otavalo has to offer, they are really amazing clothes, rugs loads to choose from i was well impressed, a place where i will take my mother when she comes over  i am sure she will love it, but for me once you look past the crafts what else is there? i even asked my brother in laws and they both said nothing this is the main thing people come for nothing else fair enough, which makes you think how many times can you go to the same crafts place before you get sick? if you have never been i suggest you definitely go, but to live not for me, here are some pics we took then i will move on to Cotacachi.


Ok for this place it is known as a Gringo community, not from my mouth but the locals, first impressions beautiful houses out the way of  cities the air seemed quite fresh, and looking at the billboards white water rafting must go on here pretty cool, when driving in the place reminded me of Conocoto in the valle de los chillos same sort of layout in my opinion, but Cotacachi is known for it´s leather products, some amazing jackets shoes ,bags that sort of thing some of the motorbike jackets looked like the real deal, if i get a bike i will come back and buy from here, prices are expensive though if you are thinking with an Ecuadorian mind, but if you are a tourist with money to blow you will find some nice things, Ambato is by far the cheapest and best in my opinion for these kinds of products or am i wrong?
So yeah it was ok being and yes i saw loads of Gringos loads, like a local get together, but we walked past a group and one man piped up and said ¨there are far too many gringos coming into town¨ as though what a shocker, my family understood as most of them speak English so they laughed as though to say rich coming from you, i never said a thing,  then we crossed the road had a look in a few shops and saw another group, was hard not to hear but they were whinging on about someone who had moved here and they clearly didn´t like the person, you know expat communities do they really work is this something you all want to be a part of? for me it´s a no these people must walk up and down the high street every weekend saying the same crap , because again when you look past the shops there is nothing there either, which we all agreed on. here are some pics of the leather products lovely stuff though.

Ibarra was the next place the climate being a lot warmer than previous reminded me a little of  Manabi but was bearable here with a nice breeze to it, ¨Yahuarcocha lagoon¨ this is where the Spaniards invaded years ago a war between them and the locals of the land, many died in the lake so they say all the blood from these people lies in the bottom of the lake, nice little story, so this was a great place you must go for yourself, we had some food if you drive around the right hand side many restaurants there, so we went for the fish rice salad and empanadas the fish comes out the lake quite nice, from then on we went to the main tourist part where we al hopped on board a boat and went for a lap around the lake, it´s quite a nice setting and worth staying over to really appreciate certainly in the pipeline for later in the year, here are a few pics shout out if you know the exact name before i post it

The final place was Atuntaqui
in most towns and cities you are sure to find places that sell clothes fakes made in Ecuador but some are really good , The marin in Quito is huge and so is this one, i was told this is where you get the best clothes from, and i will agree with some of the things i saw and bought, it wasn´t just busy for Carnaval it is like this all the time so i was told, anything you want you can pretty much get there food beers it´s all good, but take that away and again there is nothing, if  you want to live in areas like this go for it, but sometimes the novelty will wear off, i just think it is nice to go out to places like this for the day shop til you drop but then go back home, maybe i have missed something in all of these places, but i can most of this back in Quito without the long drive. didn´t get any pictures here but a video i will try to put up soon, i hope this explains a few things about these locations if you think i am wrong please tell me, final pic as we were heading home the mountains were so high the picture doesn´t do it justice


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  4. It is sad that you have people on here offering loan services instead of commenting on how nice it is of your to post this and to send us pictures. Thank you for that. I am here reading your post to get a better understanding of Ecuador, not for a loan. Sheesh.... With that being said, I will be coming to Ecuador in November this year, for about 1.5 Months. I have not found out where we are headed to yet, but I have a feeling it will be around Villcabumba, or close to there. Have you been there?
    Thank you for sharing your travels with us who are interested in them.