Tuesday, 19 January 2016

English speaking guide in Manabi

English speaking guide in Manabi
Well this is something i get asked a lot, and my answer is i personally don´t know anyone who specialises in this field,
So i got talking with my friend tonight, who is Ecuadorian and has lived in Manabi all of his life, who also speaks English, I have sat on the fence for nearly 6 years, just minding my own business and enjoying family life, until now, where i feel the knowledge and contacts i have obtained can finally be put to good use.helping others.

We plan to look after tourists,who wish to vacation in Manabi ,and ensure they have the best holiday that money can buy,whether that be a relaxing beach holiday, an action packed holiday,tour of Manabi or simply to party and enjoy themselves.

 What can we do for you?English speaking guide in Manabi
You name it we will do it,
For starters we will pick you up from the airport and sort out reasonably priced accommodation to suit your needs, depending on your arrival and journey times, the first night you will want to off load and get some shut eye fresh for the next day,

What would you like to do?
There are many options depending on the purpose of your visit, holiday or looking to live here.
some like to view all of the coastal areas, take photos do a bit of shopping,and learn more about the history and culture,more of a tourism holiday
Others are here to let down their hair forget their problems and enjoy themselves, quiet peaceful holiday or party few drinks and dance the night away.
And potential future expats like to see what options are available to them, can they fit into the community and live out their days here?

We will cater for any person age or interests are not important, our main goal is to ensure you feel safe with us and you get the most out of your holiday, if you need legal advice regarding a potential move here visas etc, then we will take you to our first choice lawyer who speaks English, and will attend to your needs.
Finding properties to buy or rent, can be stressful if you don´t know where to look, so we shall give you an insight of what you would expect to pay for a house, and what to avoid by showing you around new build projects,land or houses that may need finishing, this may also help you with gaining your residency visa.if the purpose for holiday is to relocate here.

If you search on google for pricing of a tour guide, there is normally a set fee per day normally up to $250 per day,but we will charge $50-100, with additional expenses paid for, such as petrol food and accommodation for the guide if you wish to move around. we will be competitive and hopefully a lot reasonable than others, we want you to get value for your money, and if you enjoy your stay then maybe you can recommend our services to others.

If this is something that is of interest to you, then leave a comment below or message me,simondo1981@live we would like to hear your input, and also answer all of your questions English speaking guide in Manabi
Before you visit check out this post on life in Manabi Ecuador Expats living in Manabi the truth!

Update start of our    beach tour of manabi post and new housing complex in Portoviejo  by the people who built the solca hospital

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  1. Wow I am so impressed with this Simon the autrpner and the whole concept is great this could be the making of something incredible x