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Houses and instant residence in ecuador manabi province part 2

If you are interested in buying property in and around Manabi you can read my buyers guide post, that shows you how you can purchase a beach house for as little as 40k, which i turn shall give you residence to Ecuador  Following on from the 103 m2 house this is the 2 bedroom 1 floor house priced at 37kin dollars about 22k in brittish pounds.
This house is allot smaller to the previous house it is ideal for single or couples just starting out, but families are also included in this property, like i said the houses shown will provide you with instant residence as you are meeting the minimum requirement! these are model houses driveways etc are all to be completed, but you get the idea!

 Dining room living and kitchen
Kitchen with granite work tops door leading to patio

 View from kitchen to front door
 Bedroom 1
 Bedroom 2
 Washing area place for washing machine and patio

for more info contact Jessica at

Ecuador Houses and instant residence for manabi province

Ecuador Houses and instant residence for manabi province
As mentioned previously i recommend buying a house in a gated community unless you are prepared to buy land and get a house built to your requirements  if you are considering moving to Ecuador and are after residence these houses can give you instant residence for a single person or family etc ie 25 grand is the minum requirement from the Ecuadorian government,investing into the country plenty of opportunity here to do this!
For example I have came across this project in Portoviejo in Manabi called San Gregorio located a few minutes away from the San Gregorio university direct commuting route  to manta and of course Portoviejo itself. It is an up and coming project, will be sporting a swimming pool for residents park for children and also sports facilities ,This project seems to be quite a  popular company originally based in Guayaquil and have completed many projects over the years, first one in manabi i think!
The staff are great some speak English which helps and if you want the houses to be custom made extensions extra rooms etc this can be all worked out there by directly speaking with the architect  ,for more information in spanish or english contact JessicaGarcia  at   and she will answer any questions that you may have.

This is the entrance to the houses where the guard will be there 24 hours a day allowing and denying access!

There are 4 models being built here, but i have information on the biggest house 2 floors at 103m2 priced at 59,900 dollars about 36k in brittish pounds and the smaller 1 floor house at 42 m2 priced at 37,000 dollars
The house to the right is the 3 bedroomed 103 m2 house comprising of  2 bathrooms with wc 1 being ensuite and also wc on the ground floor,
dining living room on the ground floor with kitchen around the corner, out the back and area for washing/ patio pictures below!

Entrance to the house with porch
driveway to be built

 Walking into the house groundfloor downstairs wc
Front living room
Kitchen with granite worktops door leading to patio

 Patio hand washing in corner  area for washing machine and patio
 Upstairs window looking out to the front
 Upstairs bathroom will comprise of shower, sink and wc
Bedroom 1

 Bedroom 2
 Ensuite comprising of shower, sink wc
Main shower room

  Next we will see the 1 floor 2 bedroom house any questions see above contact!

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Ecuador Cuisine Guinea Pig also known as cuy!

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Guinea pigs!! yes Guinea pigs! that you have as  family pets.  , aren’t treat as the cuddly companion you have at home;Instead in the Andean mountains of Ecuador,they’re bred, boiled and deep-fried for dinner.

Guinea pig known as Cuy in South America is a local delicacy that’s unique to the highlands of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.  Cuy is most often eaten for special occasions, a tradition that dates back hundreds of years to the Incan empire.
Cuy are not only used for food. They warm the house, keep the rats away and are used for medicinal purposes. local herbal doctors use cuy in their healing rituals.   In one ceremony, a shaman will rub the sick person in question with a black cuy for about 15 to 30 minutes, or until the guinea pig suffocates.  He then can diagnose the patient’s illness by cutting the animal in half and interpreting the malady according to animals’ spread out innards.

It is also believed that cuy carries positive energy when eaten.
the cost is about 10 dollars in a restaurant, i have never tried it, but curious i am so think i will give it a go next time i am up there, i promise and will report back to you on the taste but here it´s like chicken.
Cuy is prepared differently across the highlands,  in places like Chaltura, they deep-fry it multiple times at different temperatures.

cuy guinea pig cuisine ecuador
 the chef  throws a de-furred, cuy carcass into a pan of sizzling hot oil.  The lifeless meat is slinked into a deceptively hot vat of placid oil.  Something i have never seen yet, but Once sufficiently crispy, the cuy is served starfished  on a plate.   Head, teeth  claws the lot! ha my friends in England will be shocked also a friend of mine keeps loads as pets but shhh they might not read this, anyhow what are your views about this strange i know, but suppose if there is nowt in the house and you have a fat guinea pig looking at ya then what the hell ha ha thanks for reading one last picture still can´t believe it ha!!!

If this is not for you, then you may like these delicious meals that you will find on the coast Ceviche and Encebollado (hangover food)

Fancy trying something new and different? Want to learn more about another culture? This collection of tasty recipes from Ecuador is guaranteed to wet your appetite and widen your experience. And if you have ever wondered how the Andean people cook guinea pig.... you can find out here.

Guinea Pig For Breakfast Recipe Book 

Ecuador Cuisine Encebollado fish soup hangover cure

Encebollado ecuador cuisine hangover cure

Encebollado is a great remedy for hangovers. Its works because the fish oil helps get rid of the free radicals that result from the breakdown of alcohol in the body. Restaurant owners in Ecuador often sell the soup in the morning for this reason, so if you get up early you will see a few sore heads ha ha although it is versatile enough to work for lunch and dinner, too.

Encebollado has to be my favourite dish out here i could live off the stuff, it  is the national dish of Ecuador, where it originated. not to hard to make, encebollado has only four primary ingredients: fish, tomatoes, onions and yuca. The soup is both pungent and spicy in flavor.

The base of encebollado is a mix of tomatoes and onions, and the Spanish word encebollado is roughly translated as "onion fish soup." This mix, known as sofrito, also calls for spices common to the Ecuadorian region, such as cumin, chili and cilantro. Salt also is included. In some versions, the cook also adds some fresh chili peppers.

Albacora, or tuna, is the traditional encebollado fish. One reason for this is that tuna is so plentiful in the waters near Ecuador. With tuna, a common fish, as the primary protein, encebollado is a relatively inexpensive soup.

In addition to the sofrito and tuna, encebollado recipes include yuca. Yuca is a root vegetable found in much of South America. A highly coarse and fibrous plant, yuca provides the starch for the soup and is a major source of carbohydrates.

To make this simple fish soup, one first prepares the base. This requires frying the tomatoes, onions and spices in some oil. Only medium heat is required during this step.

After you have done the base,  add water to it and boil the tuna for about 15 minutes until it is cooked all the way through. then add the cilantro to the resultant fish broth during this process. Then the tuna is taken out and drained, and the yuca is boiled in the fish broth until the roots are tender but firm. After the yuca roots are cooked, they are removed from the broth so that their coarse strings can be removed and the roots chopped. Adding the yuca and tuna back to the broth with some salt completes the main part of the fish soup.

You can also  add pickled onions and tomato to the batch. Salsa sometimes is used in addition to or in place of these toppings. Another option is topping the soup with some additional chili pepper slices. you can sprinkle the dish with a little lime juice, and finally add chifles to the mix tastes lush! give it a go tell me what you think thanks for looking!

Ecuador Cuisine Fish Ceviche

Follow on from shrimp ceviche here is the recipe for fish ceviche remember these are merely guidelines as everyone cooks it different but you get the idea, i have rice and chifles with mine chifles are like crisps that you crush and mix in your finished dish should look a bit like this
Ceviche ecuadorian cuisine fish

On to how to make fish ceviche

2lb of white fish fillets (corvina, halibut, sea bass, tilapia, sole), cut into small square pieces
2 red onions diced very finely
4 tomatoes diced very finely
2 bell peppers, assorted colors, chopped very finely
20 limes, separated into about 10 limes to cook the fish and 10 limes for the ceviche marinade
1 bunch of cilantro (also known as coriander) chopped as finely as possible
Salt and sunflower oil


    Place the raw fish pieces in a glass dish and cover it with salt and lime juice from about 10-12 limes, the fish should be completely covered by lime juice.
    Cover the dish with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator, let the fish marinate or cook itself in the lime juice for at least 4 hours.
    Mix the onions, tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro with the juice from the remaining limes and let marinate for about an hour.
    Once the fish is “cooked” in the lime juices rinse it well and mix it with the vegetable marinade, add salt and sunflower oil to taste.
    Serve with chifles. and don´t forget the rice for more recipes might i suggest using the
Here for shrimp Ceviche recipe

The Ecuador Cookbook: traditional vegetarian and seafood recipes 

An easy to use English / Spanish cookbook featuring traditional vegetarian and seafood Latin American cuisine; step-by-step instructions; easy to find ingredients; and original illustrations

Ecuador Cuisine Shrimp Ceviche

When you come to Ecuador there are many cuisines to try out in this post we will concentrate on ceviche made with shrimp, when i first came here i was a bit wiery on trying out all these new foods as there is allot of lime used in these foods thought maybe bad stomach especially from using fish and shrimp etc, i did try a ceviche, but really hated it, but 2 years on i love it and have it most sundays as it is a tradition over here on the coast ,it must of just been the wrong place that i had it, Any how my wifes mother knocks up some great food ceviche being one of her dishes,
Here is a basic recipe on how to make shrimp ceviche maybe not exactly the same as my mother in laws but just a guidline you will need
    2 pounds raw shrimp, deveined, and shelled

    4 limes

    1 lemon

    1/2 medium onion, chopped fine

    3 tomatoes, chopped

    1 jalapeno, chopped, don't de-seed

    heavy handful of chopped cilantro

    10 oz. ketchup

    salt to taste


Boil water  then turn it off and put your shrimp in the pot for only one minute (they should not be completely cooked!) and remove from water to a strainer.

Put shrimp and chopped onion in a medium/large bowl and squeeze the juice of limes and lemon over the top. Salt a bit, stir, and cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 1 hour. (It's important that you put onion in with shrimp in this step - if you wait and add it later it won't be the same - the onion "cooks" with the shrimp in the citrus juice.)

Remove from fridge (that's obvious, right?), stir, and add your chopped tomatoes, jalapeno, cilantro, ketchup, and a bit more salt to taste also have some rice made up to mix in and we use chiflets like crisps but made from plantain. should look something like this

ceviche shrimp ecuadorian cuisine

Jobs a good en not sure how many people this will feed but im guessing 4 plus, next i will talk about ceviche with fish also a dish called encebollado which is by far my favourite i could just eat that allday. give it a go see what you think thanks for looking!

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Ecuador life A few reasons why you should choose Ecuador for a holiday

 So you have never been to  South America before?,but  You want to experience adventure, culture, history, and nature all wrapped up into one holiday? Then  look no further  Ecuador is the place for you and a great starting point if you want to explore the world. With exceptionally diverse flora and fauna, warm temperatures year round, and many opportunities for adventure at every turning point, Ecuador is definitely your destination of choice.  Ecuador is made up over 4 diverse regions in one country consisting of the Galapagos Islands the Amazon the coast and the Andes  which we will talk about today

The Galapagos Islands  also known as the Enchanting Islands, offer visitors the opportunity to get up close to hundreds of bird species, unique flora and fauna, and numerous endemic species found only here pure paradise. In the Galapagos you can swim with the sea lions, if you feel brave you can dive with white-tip reef sharks or if that isn’t your preference then you can just get close-up to the  giant tortoises out in the wild.  The islands offer an amazing walking experience sporting beautiful beaches with breath taking  sun sets each day.for Galapagos bookings try

Amazon Jungle  The Amazon sitting on the east part of Ecuador gives you the experience of a real rainforest the same as what you would see in Brazil, that offers exactly the same pristine jungle.  Examine the diverse vegetation, and unique wildlife as you trek through the Ecuadorian Amazon. With over 1,000 different species of birds living here
, it is a prime location to bird watch so get your binoculars and cameras on the ready. Other wildlife you will see are  monkeys which swing overhead or if you are lucky you may spot the brightly colored poison dart frog.  Amazon lodges are available giving you that relaxed feeling also overlooking the Napo River. to book a tour try

Quito Is the capital of Ecuador, which has been recognized since 1978 as an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved, beautiful colonial center where the president Raphael Correa resides. You will walk amongst the oldest monuments of the city, which include: the 300 year old San Francisco convent and Jesuit Church.  you can also get an insight into the ecuador’s culture by a light lunch or coffee as in a quiet side street while you may spot the odd Quechua woman that flourishes past you in their vivid clothing arrangements .allot of mixed culture you will see here but very interesting! for Quito tours try

Cotopaxi Volcano the Cotopaxi volcano is the second highest volcano in Ecuador. Clearly distant from the Quito skyline, Cotopaxi is also one of few mountains with a glacier on top of it’s peak. Alexander von Humboldt was the first European to try  climbing to the summit, but only managed to get half way, but times have changed and you can actually trek to the summit with assistance and guided tours in order to make that dream come true! for cotopaxi tours try

The City of Cuenca  which is the third largest city in Ecuador definitely worth a visit you will see many historic buildings of colonial charm and bustling markets.  El Sagrario is of particular interest, which was built in 1557 more than 455 years ago. Explore the city as you venture to different museums, churches, and galleries or even to  stop off  and buy some authentic souvenirs many arts and crafts handmade by locals. El Cajas National Park is also situated here sporting over 275 Andean lakes and many places to just sit,relax and enjoy the view!for tour guides in Cuenca try

Whale Watching Every summer in the months between June and October, humpback whales travel to their breeding areas off the Pacific coast of Ecuador. You can take a small boat and  get up-close to the whales  in their natural habitat where they reside here until  they move on to warmer waters. The best place to go whale watching  is in a small coastal town called Puerto Lopez  in Manabi many tourists come here every year and are amazed with these giant creatures! for whale watching in Puerto Lopez try
I hope this is all helpfull to you and gives you an insight as to how what and when to do activities of interest over here!

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Ecuador expat crime safety guide

Ecuador expat Safety and crime guide.
Every country has it´s crime whether it is being robbed burgled fighting etc i know back home certain areas are terrible to be in let alone live there,
Any how yes you get crime in Ecuador and yes certain areas are dangerous, but this can all be avoided if you understand what to do and what not to do, ok you are a tourist and you do stick out like a sore thumb, try to blend in, it´s not a fashion show, try to keep jewellry down no big madalions fingers full of rings or the latest tag watch or you will just attract attention from passers by. if someone says it is dangerous to walk down that road at night then do not do it i made that mistake once and was close to getting robbed guy had a gun, but my friend came to the door in time and told the guy i was ok to which he walked on and said adios!but if you feel the need to then by all means go with a few people , just never on your own!
Now in England we do not carry guns for defence,but some Americans do their choice, i would advise weapons will not do you any favours here chances are you will probably be the person who gets locked up for shooting someone or letting off a round,know one wants to be robbed i have been told if someone tries to rob me just let them do it and they will be away, everyone is different all i say is i wouldn't let somebody do that to me so it's your call what you do in that kind of situation,
money if you are going shopping don´t put all your money in 1 purse if you get pick pocketed that is it cards gone money gutted!
Money belts i don´t like them as you look shifty everytime you are sorting the money out, put money in a few pockets spread it out or if your wearing socks perfect spot.if you are using public transport be alert of what is going on happened to me in Quito i was waiting to get on the electric bus i was pushed onto the bus there was a big rush of people pushing to get on, i didn´t think anything of it everyone either sat or held onto the bar at which point a man holding a plastic bag was looking very nervous and sweating as i looked at him, the bus stopped he got off i checked my pockets wallet had gone very sly indeed,had all my cards cash etc total nightmare, but lesson learned keep valuables safe or get a chain that ties your wallet to your jeans if you know what i mean.

So pick pocketers are very clever and work in groups along the electric car route,
You hear about people being kidnapped and killed etc i wouldn´t think much into that yes you are a target if everyone knows you have money and think they could make money from this, but it is very rare ecuadorians are really nice people, but like most countries you always get a few idiots, recently here there was 2 kidnappings but not on foreigners it was on Ecuadorians to do with money drugs and ofcourse a woman, there is always a reason over here just don´t give people the opportunity. chances are you will never see a crime in your life over here, but just be aware that is the best way i can advise, Athough a Dutch lad once said to me if you walk past people look slightly angry and chances are you will never be pestered, works for me no trouble at all

Don´t be put off with the security over here guards with guns outside shops in banks on the streets etc if anything you feel safe , and finally if you are asked to read something on a bit of paper or are close to an atm and people try to chat walk away  ignore the person or be quick about your business, there is a drug over here made from a flower if sniffed you can have short memory loss but be under control if someone asks you to do something for them ie get them all of your money out the atm you will never know that you have done it, this go´s for bars nightclubs don´t accept drinks off strangers and don´t leave your drink unattended simple rules really, other than this security briefing  i guarantee you will love this amazing country and never see any of the above!

Ecuador living The real Cost of Living!

The Cost of Living here in Ecuador
OK first thing first you will see on many websites that foreign people like myself  claim they just survive on 1000 dollars a month here what a load of rubbish!
1000 dollars a month you will live like king tut and queen anne i swear it is very very cheap here to live.for example my electric bill is in the region of 25 dollars per month gas is 1.70 for a bottle lasts a month and a half depending, my water is 15 per month so i pay 25 also for the upkeep of my garden rubbish collected guard at the gate etc and 25 for the internet so bills are 91-92 dollars a month! petrol is great compared to back home 10 dollars will last me about 10 days if i am tootling around town most days not allot really, i also spend 20 dollars per week at the market buying fresh fruit vegetables corn meat chicken fish etc if i need anything else i will go to the shop nearby so whats that so far 210ish not bad going eh! i understand if you have to pay rent or a mortgage ,but i am lucky i don´t. food for example you can get some soup a main course and a cola for under 3 dollars crazy i know. bottles of beer 70cents. I'm not gonna rant on about how much this is how much that is, but if you have money retirement business etc and you make  400 dollars or more then you are laughing.
Quito is slightly expensive, but the power seems to be less up there and the water is good to drink at the tap also. At the end of the day it all depends on what you are used to, if you live the high life then do it, but if you want a comfortable life then eat Ecuadorian food try to be an Ecuadorian there are so many rewards might i add that most Ecuadorians only earn 250 dollars per month basic and they seem to manage says it all really pension will go a long way or money you have already!
Any questions by all means fire away!

Ecuador expats searching property

OK post after the car guide houses is today's topic!
I could talk about this all day, but I'm going to just give you a breakdown of your options pricing where to look etc, but this is just a guide as everyone is different prices ranging from 15k to 1000,000 dollars!
Ecuador expats searching property
New builds in a project or gated community whether that be in a town city of coast, here is an example of a gated community!!!

You learn so much when you experience all of this over here first hand, back in the UK i would use an estate agent but over here i wouldn´t simple reason without being nasty they will get as much as they can from you, the funny thing is most agents are foreign whether it be American and they still try to rob you blind.line their pockets thinking you are minted!
Newspapers is the first step look for projects that are up and running, visit them get an idea of the price range, when buying from a plan it can be risky in Europe programmes i remember seeing houses from hell roads getting built through the project etc, well you will not get that kind of problem thank god, but there are many options to consider you may be able to buy a house say a 3 bedroom for 25grand at the start of the build and as the project progresses the houses will shoot up to a whopping 50 grand and when the project is complete the house maybe valued in the region of 60 now that is a cracking profit, i myself live in a gated community project, and if i had known the price 6 months previous i would of bought 3 of them, never mind this is what it´s all about learning.Always use a lawyer when buying the house no different to your own country, if you don´t understand something ask and find out, after all you need this to be right!
So new build project gated communities are a tick in my box some even include a football pitch and swimming pool like this one here!
ecuador real estate property

, however you next option is  buy land then build on it, great idea as you can build your dream home at a fraction of the cost of buying finished house at the beach up the mountains out in the country so many ideas,
When buying land look in the newspapers or talk to the locals best way if you want Ecuadorian land speak to an Ecuadorian simple, any old houses in need of renovation could be a steal also, the coast is popular and will be very expensive in years to come, but you can get land or houses on the beach at great prices, example i was offered a 2 bed apartment on the beach lovely views couldn't fault the location, but you couldn't swing a cat in that place and was asking for 60 grand having a laugh mate, but round the corner was a 5 bed house with gardens fence and great view of the beach asking 70 grand negotiable seems he would take 50 at the time as it was used only for holidays 4 times a year, but it was snapped up like a shot by a local, here is an example of a house built up in the mountains took the lad 5 years to complete, but what a house just outside of Portoviejo in manabi!

 now if this is all too cheap for you then by all means spend the 100´s of thousands on houses with swimming pool  it is all there if you want it  great places on the beach Bahia is becoming extremely popular for foreign people next few years it will be the place to be, but look down the way San Clemente manta San Jacinto just as nice and not to forget Crucita Puerto Lopez and Puerto Cayo the choice is yours,Ecuador expats searching property if you would like any more advice/information about property in manabi check out my buyers guide post

Owning a Car in Ecuador

Hi  guys sorry it´s been a while allot has happened since my last post i have a baby boy now and have my residence all sorted life is looking good!
Any how the subject i am going to talk about today is cars Owning a car in Ecuador,where to buy from do´s and don´ts prices etc
Ok first car i bought here it was a Ford F150 truck 98 model
owning a car in ecuador guide to buying cars

 i paid just over 9 grand for it at 190,000 km not bad for over here, but painful since i know it´s not worth half that,
The reason being prices of cars in ecuador are ridiculous all to do with tax and import charges etc, i bought the truck from Quito a place in the south where everyone go´s to on a weekend to sell there car, my brother in law took me over i had a look  and just had to buy it. Quito is the most expensive place to buy cars in Ecuador, so if you can travel i advise to do so, i only bought it as i was living in Quito at the time
When paying a bank transfer is the most common way of purchasing only do this after you have been to a notary they check all documents of the owner and car and also your details passport etc or cedula if you have one, cost is normally 25 dollars and you have to pay for this not the owner of the car,
 A police check is 5 to 10 dollars but worth the money and your own piece of mind knowing the car is ok, a mechanic would be a good idea also check compression oil etc so you don´t waste your money on crap.
when you have done that and are happy then buy it.
Owning a car in Euador
there are many ways to buy a car here a couple of websites or you get a rough idea of the prices on there, but always go for the haggle chances are you will get 1 or 2 grand taken off don´t settle for the asking price!
Local newspapers are great as you can get a good deal, oh and if you are buying around the xmas time then i would say that is the best time as most people are desperate for the money a car worth 10 k maybe get it for 7900 ish if your lucky!
I sold the truck after a year and a half made the money back so no lossesthere not very child friendly hence the downsize, which was and is now a vauxhall corsa c 1.8  or over it is a chevrolet corsa evolution again prices are daft i could probably get 3 or 4 in England for the price of 1 over here, but this car is very easy to sell all ecuadorians love the corsa there are loads of them on the road, bit harder to sell a truck though took me 3 months
Any how any feedback on events in Ecuador feel free to post them this is what it's all about thanks hope you enjoyed Owning a car in Ecuador